Vlog 1

Getting started with the Power Platform

feat. Chris Huntingford from Microsoft

What is a citizen developer?

These days, you don’t have to be a whizz kid at code to create beautiful apps!

We can leave the complex coding to professional developers, or ‘pro-dev’ for short. Such sophisticated systems are key to any workforce…but it’s not a language that I can speak!

But this doesn’t mean that I, or anyone reading this, is restricted when it comes to building applications that enhance business’s processes, or even, can help you to achieve your personal goals.

Enter… The Microsoft Power Platform.

Begin your learning journey.

Vlog 1 – Ready to watch now!

Getting started.

Love the idea of building transformational apps but have no idea where you’d even start?!! This vlog will help.

Anyone can google Microsoft’s Power Platform site and see that they need Power Apps to start developing… However, there are multiple products within the Power Platform, so which products do you need when starting out? What license level should you pick? What type of apps will this tech allow you to build? These are ALL questions I had at the start of this journey.

So, in an attempt to quieten down this confusion, vlog 1 has a guest appearance from tech evangelist and @tattoedCRMguy of Microsoft, Chris Huntingford. He shares tips on getting started with the Power Platform and a few examples of apps that have been built with some ‘quirky’ use cases.


Getting creative.

Love the idea of building transformational apps but have no idea where you’d even Take a look at the resources section to find links, documents, PowerPoints or video which will help with your Power Platform learning. This area will be updated weekly to match the vlog entries, so it’s a good page to re-visit.

I’ll also share updates from user groups and events that I’m able to attend, and happy to add in guest blog entries for those of you who want to share your own event experiences!

Also please feel free to comment or drop me a line if you want to start a discussion, leave feedback or share what you’ve found.

Community Events – Currently virtual

Getting involved!

Something that the Microsoft Community do THE BEST is host an awesome, jaw dropping and super memorable event. These are great things for anyone to join, no matter your experience level. They are forums for sharing knowledge, helping each other to develop and geeking out to all the cool stuff everyone is working on.

In light of the current pandemic, these events are now being hosted online (usually Microsoft Teams, funnily enough…) but are free to join and open to all. It can be quite handy actually – jump on a call, be part of something positive, jump off and feel motivated for the rest of your week. So check out this page and become part of the #MSCommunity and #PowerAddicts.

500 million new apps are going to get created in the next five years…empowering citizen developers is what the Power Platform has been built for.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, Microsoft Ignite 2019
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